Harassment: Why Now?

Have you ever gone to a party super hungry? You get there and the food is set out, crisp, beautiful, undisturbed. You haven't eaten in days and want so much to dive into those appetizers. But we all know what happens to the person who eats the food too soon. Shame, mockery, rage, people exclaiming, … Continue reading Harassment: Why Now?



Has it been a week already? Life has gone slower than ever. Almost as slow as it was back in junior high. Time moves the slowest when you need it to go faster. I've committed myself to Hell for the next two months, again, like an idiot. Imagine, social anxiety and depression working seasonal retail. … Continue reading Hell

The Elegance of Gun Violence

By accident I stumbled upon my local NPR station. I don’t remember who was speaking, but whoever they were made an interesting observation of Hollywood and gun glamorization. Guns on screen has increased since the 80s which, incidentally, is when all the “deadliest shooting in US history” moments have happened. While “deadliest shooting in US … Continue reading The Elegance of Gun Violence