Yet Another Mass Shooting/Gun Control Post

In my household, gun control is always a sensitive subject. Democrats outnumber republican ideals here, so whenever someone says, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” that argument doesn’t go far, especially with my mother who always play devil’s advocate. And no one can argue against mother because our household runs on logic. And mother … Continue reading Yet Another Mass Shooting/Gun Control Post



Last summer I worked as a camp counselor. The first day of camp, a bird somehow got into the room. Birds are strange because they can find their way into somewhere but can’t seem to find their way out. We couldn’t just turn off the lights and let it find its way out because there’s … Continue reading Flight

No, I don’t Understand…

It's no secret that I suffer from social anxiety and depression. Normal social interactions? Don't think so. So things like small talk, hugs, eye contact, critiques, all that, uncomfortable is an understatement. So when certain interactions don't make me uncomfortable but makes you uncomfortable, then you should reevaluate your life. Imagine, if you will, you … Continue reading No, I don’t Understand…