As I’m scraping away old paint from our living room walls to prep it for a fresh coat of paint I arrived at a small realization.

Sometimes a small problem is a small problem. Sometimes a big problem is a big problem. But sometimes what starts out as a small problem blossoms into a larger problem than originally anticipated. As you start chipping away at the surface soon more and more pieces crumble. It merges with your other problems and soon it becomes this weird morph of a stain that just keeps flaking the more you pick at it. Sure, you can stop picking at it, but who knows if it really won’t chip again. But then again if you keep going you don’t know how much more will fall.

But sometimes you get to a point where it won’t chip anymore no matter how much you try. And at that point you can let it go, throw a coat of paint over it and move on with your life.

Just be careful.

And wear goggles while you’re chipping off paint.


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