Election Day is Coming…

As this election draws closer to the end, I feel a mixture of relief and fear. Relief that we can put this whole nightmare behind us and fear of what will come of the results. No matter the results I know there will be riots, there will be anger, there will be chaos. If not forever at least for a while.

The deacon at our church urged us to vote for what is best not for ourselves but for the country. He did not endorse any one candidate, but just encouraged us to vote for what is best for the country.

Personally, I feel if Hillary won the election things would go back to normal. Corrupt politics as usual, where the US thinks they’re better than everyone else when they’re really just awful for everyone. A little stuck up for their own good, but at least they have friends and a little bit going for them.

But with Trump, I think we’d be going downhill faster than sound.

It’s not just about Trump’s political ideas and policies. Republicans have been that way for years. No, it’s his tactics, his language, his opinions, all of that concerns me. See, America has been sick for centuries with a disease called racism. It grew to gargantuan standards but they we started getting better. We did chemo, took our medicine, ate healthier, changed our lifestyle a bit, and slowly but surely we started getting better. Sure, we had some relapses, but we would step things up and work to make things better. Then Trump became a potential candidate for the presidency and that turned into a bad organ transplant from a disease riddled drug addict. All the problems we thought we had almost ridded ourselves with have now come back and not only has it mutated, but it spread. Spread to other parts of our body and now it’ll be even harder to eradicate even when we remove the damaged organ.

The problem isn’t his policies. It’s the people he’s inspired.

I can honestly say I’m scared. For the first time in my life I am feeling the real anxiety of a presidential election. This has the potential to change the quality of life of a majority of us. What scares me the most is that my own kind is trying to encourage others to vote for him, citing the book of Samuel so they can justify their agenda. I’m no expert, but didn’t that story of Saul becoming the God-appointed king end badly?

aWhen it comes down to it, Republicans and Democrats alike will vote for whoever represents their party. It can literally be between voting for Hitler and the Devil and they’d still say, “It’s better than the other candidate.”


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