Procrastination Disorder?

I think procrastination is a disorder or a side effect of something. I say thing in all honesty not to make excuses for myself but as an actual belief.

I don’t know about you but I seem to delay everything I do. Not just things I need to do but stuff I actually want to do. Back when I was in school I procrastinated on essays and stuff, but I also procrastinated in my art class and even my writing classes. The last day before I had an essay due I would stay up late until my eyes felt like sandpaper against my lids and everything turned into a trippy Windows 98 screensaver. But would I go to bed afterwards even though I became the personification exhaustion? I sure didn’t. I stayed up for another hour surfing through internet’s top ten or animals doing people things until I passed out. I’ve had times where I wanted to eat but I would tell myself, “After this commercial.” “After this commercial” turned into three hours later and my body breaking into the shakes. Taking a nice relaxing shower turns into, “After this next chapter.” Reading turns into, “Later on tonight.” Even now as I was writing I kept ditching my post for an ingrown hair on my leg. I got it out, but now I’m trying to type without getting distracted.

Anyone else feel this way?


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