Merry Shopping, Everyone!

Christmas is coming and I have to say I knew humanity had its issues but ever since I got a seasonal job working retail (more on that next month…) I can honestly say this does not make my opinion of the human race any better. There is an extra snip this time of year as people fight for last minute gifts and all that jazz. This is why I started my Christmas shopping in July. Online.

Can I say something for one moment? Yeah, it’s going to be a bit of a religious rant so if you would like to end your reading here feel free to do so. It won’t hurt my feelings.

To all those trying to secularize Christmas, please stop. The same goes for Easter. If you don’t want religion in your holidays then why are you celebrating a holiday that literally has the word “Christ” in its name? Now, I feel us Christians have our own share of the blame, what with adapting a whole bunch of pagan traditions into the birthday of one of the most important beings in our belief systems and forcing our beliefs down everyone’s throats. But seriously, it’s Christmas. The holiday wouldn’t have existed otherwise without Jesus. Heck, when I see cartoons that are supposedly based outside of reality and they’re celebrating Christmas I have to wonder is there a Christ-like figure in said reality that prompted the creation of the day? What there some guy at some point in their made-up history who decided everyone and their mother needed to celebrate Christmas or else face penalty of death? If so, then that really screws with my perception of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode I just watched with my niece.

Now I’d be lying if I said I don’t own a Santa hat or that I don’t buy presents for almost anyone I know, but at what point is secularizing a religious holiday a bit much? We don’t do that to Hanukah. We don’t do that to Ramadan. We don’t do that to Diwali. And I have to ask why. Is it because they’re not as appealing as Christmas or because we don’t count them as religions and therefore okay to leave as is?

Frankly, if there was a St. Nicholas Day (which is only celebrated in Austria, apparently), much like Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day, I would be much more comfortable with a fat man in a red suit who is impervious to breaking and entering laws. But if you’re going to suck out every hint of religion out of a religious holiday then maybe don’t celebrate it. You don’t hear anyone saying, “We need Bodhi Day to be less about Buddhism because it’s not fair to non-Buddhist.” Frankly, I would rather the concept of Christmas be stricken from everything or preferably include every other holiday people celebrate in the month of December.

Because if you’re not comfortable with religion then why the heck are you celebrating it? Seriously, I genuinely want to know!

And to my fellow Christians, do not get upset when people don’t make December all about Christmas. Jesus is not technically the reason for the season. We’re not even 100% sure when he was born. Please stop complaining. We’re not the center of the universe. And I doubt Jesus would be very happy knowing that the point of His birth has been overtaken by commercialism…


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