2016, am I right?

Well, Princess f*****g Leia just passed away. Four more days in 2016 and it has yet to forego on the disappointment. You opened with the Goblin King and closed with Princess Leia. Thanks.

This year overall has sucked the big hairy meatballs. And to top it all off I just read an article that said 2017 was going to be worse. Trump did just become our president so we didn’t need some ancient vial of blood telling us that. I don’t know how accurate that is, though. I’m Catholic and I think that blood thing is straight up witchcraft level stuff. But that being said, that doesn’t make it any less real in my opinion. All that does is make me want to hit the pause button.

Good luck to everyone in 2017. I’ll be in my room, hiding under my blanket, watching Star Wars and wondering how the next two movies are going to happen…


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