2017 Y’all

How’s everyone’s 2017 so far? No one’s dead yet, but then again it’s been less than 72 hours so there’s time for that to change.

On a less depressing note, because we all need a break from it, I finally saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and let me just say Harry Potter never ceases to disappoint (except The Goblet of Fire, but that’s a different story). As a lover of history, I enjoyed the period references and the feel of mid-century New York as well as the *MINI-SPOILER ALERT AHEAD* anti-wizarding measures. Sorry for that, I won’t bring up anything else.

From what I understand there are a few more installments in the making, at least three if I remember properly, all which will accumulate to 1945. There are so many elements I wish they could mention, but I doubt they will. I was already pleasantly surprised that they quickly mentioned World War I (it was so brief I don’t remember what Newt said. If anyone remembers, if you could tell me, that’d be great), but alas the fangirl in me wants more. Like the effects of the Great Depression, if any, on muggle-born witches and wizards. I can’t imagine a kid going to a school where they’re taken care of in terms of food, shelter, and education, only to go back to a house that probably doesn’t even have heat. I’m especially curious about World War II what with rationing and wartime suspicion. Not just in America, but all through Europe. Much like Magneto from the X-Men series suffered through internment, were any wizards or witches caught? I doubt many were but they had to have gotten one or two which makes me curious if they survived or if they used their magic to escape. Heck, there were evil wizards out there, too, did they help the Axis power? Did any Japanese wizards or witches in America modify their appearance or were they also interned? Better yet, how did the Blitzkrieg affect European wizards? They can’t have predicted the first bombing so did any wizards living in London die? And what about muggle-born wizards, did they have to register for the draft? Then you have your racism and segregation issues during those times. The wizarding world was and is pretty diverse, but you get a muggle-born white suddenly put in a world of equality and I can’t imagine what will ensue. And on a non-WWII related subject, what does the magic community think of, what would essentially be in their world, fake witches and straight up devil worshippers? Is that the wizarding equivalent of cultural appropriation?

They probably won’t answer any of those questions. Oh well. Happy New Year, everyone. Good luck and may Neptune have mercy on your souls.


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