Some Gov’t Employees Enforce Laws We Hate Without Mercy. The Reasons Why May Have You Agreeing

I did my best, people. I’ll try being positive again next week. We’ll see what happens.


I was having a discussion with my highly reliable government connection when we came onto the subject of Trump’s recent slew of governmental bans, especially the travel ban almost no one seems to like. She then went on to tell me something that made perfect sense but at the same time kind of blew my mind.

The problem with working for the government is that no matter how you feel about politics, you can’t just not do your job. You must leave that at home and do what the law asks of you. That’s why people like that lady who refused to marry gay couples isn’t exactly a hero, she’s just really bad at her job. If it’s that controversial then quit.

Unfortunately, when the law is constantly changing, you can’t just quit and reapply. So when ding dongs like our new Trump go around changing laws that no one likes, there’s only one thing you can do: Enforce the f*** out of it.

How the heck does that work out? Well, normal laws have a bit of wiggle room. No one enforces them 100% (except maybe murder). So what else is a g-employee to do? Enforce it 100%. No  wiggle room, no flexibility. Follow the stupidity verbatim and accept no excuses or explanation.

You see, when the law is almost or 100% ridiculous, people will complain. They will protest. They will tear apart the country until the government repeals the law.

So the next time you get detained and forced to hand over your cellphone or some other freakishly ridiculous demand, just know that employee is possibly hoping to make you mad so you can speak up and speak out against this outrageousness.

Or they really are just a douche.


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