Lent is Coming…

The other day I learned Lent is actually observed by more than just the Catholic Church. Didn’t know that.

Anywho, I take this period as an excuse to better myself somehow. Kind of how people use New Year’s resolutions or pay for gym memberships in order to have accountability. I say whatever gets you to do stuff. Like this app I downloaded that keeps track of my daily writing goals. It’s like having a teacher who requires 300 words turned in each day otherwise you don’t get points to buy things you can’t actually use. At any rate, this Lent I’m going to try a few things. Eating healthier, cutting back on all my sweets (the last time I did this I turned into Godzilla a week before Lent ended. I’m addicted…) being a little more positive, and the biggest challenge for myself: reediting my book.

I had it finished last year but after a year of trying to find an agent and getting nothing I lost hope and decided I should give up on it all and accept mediocrity for the rest of my life. But after going to a conference, shuffling through a dozen anxiety attacks, drowning my sorrows in Valentine’s chocolates, and trying not to pull my stupid, aching shoulder out of its socket, I got a sign from God to pick it back up again. It needed cutting and cleaning really bad so for the next forty or so days I’ll be cleaning it and seeing if I can fix it. I’ll fill you in on the progress, but I’m sort of hoping y’all will be interest in checking it out.

For now, I’m going to try and not flip out or need any more lorazepam.


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