Rabbit and Editing Drama

Keeping things positive, people.

This morning I scooped up my rabbit in what has almost become a daily cuddle session. Now experts say rabbits don’t like being held, except for the rare bunny who does. Flopsie is no exception. Whenever I pick him up I can see the fear bulging from his eyes. He squirms when I get a grasp on him and he hops away in a fit when I put him down. So you’re probably wondering why, if my rabbit hates being picked up so much, am I insisting on holding him?

The answer is because the little masochist likes it.

I noticed this odd behavior a few weeks ago. As I was getting ready for work one morning he insisted on following me around my room. Wherever I stopped he would get on top of my foot and start licking my ankles. This is not a strange occurrence but he then started trying to get under my foot. Why? So I could scratch him. That was weird since I do sometimes pet him with my feet. One day I just decided to pick him up and while his eyes said fear his noises said otherwise. See, when rabbits are happy they make this clicking noise with their teeth. He has this spot between the ears he likes having scratched and when I hold him I do just that which, you guessed it, makes him melt. I can probably hold him like that for a while but the moment I put him down he seems content for the rest of the day. He’s not much of a cuddler. He spends most evenings parked in front of my heater. Even when he jumps on my bed for a bit of attention he doesn’t curl up next to me. No, he sits at the foot of my bed like the weird, regal rabbit he thinks he is. I’m not complaining. He’s just a weird guy.


On a different note…

I’ve managed to edit eleven for forty-nine chapters so far. That sounds like a long way to go, but when you consider each chapter averages about 2,000 words each, it’s really not that much. I’ve hit some parts where, as I’m reading them back, I want to take it all out and burn it. but it is an essential part in the story. But I’m also having a hard time rewriting it so it will sound better. I talked to my old CW professor who told me to shoot him an email when I’m done cutting and editing so he can maybe contact some of my old classmates to beta read but we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, I’m a chapter behind in editing but I have tomorrow off so that will occupy that.

Anyone else wanna share their editing drama? Comment below! Also, if you didn’t know, I’m on Twitter. You can find me as @ALDiaz357. Check me out, follow me and junk. In the meantime, I’m gonna chow down on a soy-rizo and egg burrito. This eating healthy crap is killing me T_T.


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