Earthquake, Healthy Eating, and Editing, Week 2

Earthquake just hit so Ima wrap this up and pop a couple of lorazepams and hide under my blankie. California life, huuuu? But before I do that, quick update.

Eating healthy sucks. I wish I liked more healthy foods! I always talk smack about all the processed food we have in America, but ask me if that stops me from shoving my face with bacon covered donuts. My biggest problem is snacking. I snack like a beast. Frankly, I think I snack more than I actually eat food. But I got me some healthy snacks so that should fix it.

NEHO, I just took a look and I’ve edited about twenty chapters out of forty-eight. I want to give up but I’m forcing myself to see this through. It’s not like I have better things to do. As I’m editing it, I’ve been wondering if I should add a scene. It would be a… grownup scene. I’m not 100% on that yet. We’ll see how that goes…

In a quasi related stories, I made the mistake of telling one of my supervisors that I wrote a jukebox musical. She’s in charge of the Theatre Troops program and for the past two plays they’ve done some sort of original thing.  So now I’m supposed to meet with her on Wednesday to pitch my idea. Not sure why. They’re not going to use it anyway. Alas, it’s just for fun.


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