Week# I Lost Count, Plus Remember to Keep Yourself Mentally Healthy!

From my last count, I have about fifteen chapters left. I’m getting to a point where it’s getting harder to cut as many words as I would like because it’s much newer than everything else. Does anyone else get that way? There seems to be some weird period where you’re in love with your work to where you’re just ready to set it and everything else in the vicinity on fire. Alas, we keep moving forward. Or something like that.

NEHO, on a quasi-related “moving forward” topic, I just discovered I will be in charge of my class for the next three weeks. I did take the new like a pro and only got a little scared.


Why it happened is a long story, the most of which I do not know. But the teacher I assist is taking a few weeks for some personal healing time. We should all be supportive of anyone who needs time off, not just for physical ailments but for mental and emotional ailments, as well. Those are just important. I’ve had my days where I can’t even drag myself out of my room, let alone talk to anyone. It sucks and anyone who doesn’t realize it aren’t people you need in your life. I’m keeping her in my thoughts and wishing she makes a speedy recovery and I hope you all do, too.



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