It’s Okay

Have you seen the movie Inside Out yet? It’s been out for a while but not everyone gets a chance to watch everything that comes out. If you haven’t, the movie delves into and personifies the mental/emotional processes of a young girl going through a rough patch. When I first saw it I almost cried. Not because Disney movies do that to me; because they don’t. Frankly the only movie that has made me fully cry on its own was Marely and Me. and how could that movie not make you cry? I digress, though.

The movie, Inside Out, not Marley and Me, humanizes each generic emotion: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. In this movie, Joy continuously disregards Sadness to the point where she almost causes a complete mental breakdown for the main protagonist.

What is so fascinating is the complete accuracy of this. Not just for me but for everyone I’ve ever met. For some reason, we accept happiness, we accept anger, we accept disgust, and we even accept fear on occasion. But rarely have I met someone who accepts sadness. Now I don’t mean in extreme cases like death, but in general. We trash people, we get road rage, we live in paranoia over terrorist attacks, we squeal over things we love, but when it comes to sadness it seems like the common response to it is, “Get over it.” Why is it more socially okay to  hold a grudge against the cyclist who Anogged up the lane, but not to feel bummed that you saw a dead dog a few yards later? Why can we smile about our first kiss but can’t cry over Marley and Me even though we haven’t seen it in months? Why can we hate the rich kid for all the cars he owns but not get depressed because we haven’t yet reached that point ourselves?

No one wants to feel sad. No one wants to be depressed. But we feel it. We suffer through it. Some of us more than others. And while we all recover at our own pace and no one emotion is healthy to feel all the time, I want to say to you, if you’re feeling sad, it’s okay. It’s okay to be sad. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


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