How Patriotic Are You?

Have you ever made fruit caviar? I’ve started introducing the kids in my Science Club to molecular gastronomy and we’ve done a few things including fruit caviar. You basically take juice, agar agar, and boil it for a while before putting it in a food syringe and squeezing drops into chilled oil. It’s easy, although I have yet to get them perfect. Tomorrow I’m going to a Fourth of July party and I’m making patriotic pudding. It’s sweet cream pudding with red and blue juice caviar mixed in.

I like to consider myself fairly patriotic, although my definition of patriotic may vary from others. To me, patriotism is having pride in one’s country, wanting it to be the best country it can be. Lately, though, my patriotism has declined thanks to a few choice moves from our current administration. Frankly, if I could hide I would. But alas, that is not an option. Especially since I technically work for the government. So instead I wish you a happy Fourth. Be careful with the fireworks, and don’t drink and drive.

In the meantime, here’s my pudding.



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