If You’ve Found This…

Thank you for actually exploring this page. If you’re wondering what exactly is going on here, I’m trying something new. You see, I am not to lock onto ideas and berate those whose opinions are different from mine.  

That is, at least I try to be.

Things sometimes don’t make sense. I want to believe every answer is either black or white, but more often than not they’re varying shades of grey (and on some occasions purple.) All I can say is try having an open mind. It’s hard. I know. I’ve tried.

Some things I like:
Food in general
Avatar: The Last Airbender (You don’t even know…)
Harry Potter
Most reading in general
Family Guy (I know, right?)
American Dad
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Big Bang Theory
Most anything that’s funny
Shows about ghosts or other supernatural/paranormal stuff
Arts and crafts
Learning about new things

Some things I don’t like:
Mean people and stupidity. That’s about it.