Anxiety Advisor

I would never consider myself a popular person at work or in general. Because I’m not. It’s a mixture of having an unpleasant personality but mostly because I’m not a sociable person which tends to put off people. Today, though, someone asked me for advice. Advice on how I manage my anxiety. Apparently, she, too, … Continue reading Anxiety Advisor



A few years ago, when I first started working with preschoolers, I got sick about a month into it. Head felt like someone shoved it in a pressure cooker, body temperature rose while I clung to the thickest blanket I had, vomiting, blurriness, stiff neck. Overall, I felt like I had sunk to the bottom … Continue reading Work


The lingering nausea at the back of the throat. It knows nothing’s been done nor will anything happen. It knows the future has plateaued and this is the highest success will reach. So it clings, laughing and reminding you that you’ve done nothing.